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Experiences - Part 8 (English)

Around the year 2005, my parents were taking a psychophysics course in an institute called Argentum, here in Buenos Aires. Although I don’t agree with all what they teach there and their point of view, they were helping my parents with that course, and there were also very good people working there; and from time to time I went to some gatherings were they made guided meditations.
One of those meditations, started with everyone energizing ourselves (and because of the number of people energizing themselves, the ambient was full of high vibrations).
When we felt balanced and energized, we were supposed to get out of our body and meet our guide. Until the astral displacement I followed the instructions of the man guiding the meditation, but after “going out”, I didn’t hear him anymore.
Once I went out astrally, I knew that what followed was to ask an encounter with my guide. When I did so, instead of seeing my guide in front of me, I was taken to another place. I was facing a door which looked like a big temple’s door. It was a double wooden door of about 3 meters high (10 feet). Once there, I opened the doors and saw the inside of the temple, which was lightened with a soft, nice and calming light, and an atmosphere of safety and welcome.

The temple was long, with many rows of seats facing the opposite side of the door, separated in two groups, with an aisle in the middle, covered with a red carpet from the door to the center of the temple (the seats disposal was similar to a church). When I stepped inside, I saw that at the center of the temple, at the end of the aisle, there were two human-like beings standing each side of the aisle, facing each other. When I got closer, I could see them better, and they began to look familiar to me. When I was only a few meters away, I saw that they were both my guides. To the left of the aisle there was the one who took me to the shaft some years before, dressed something between a Buddhist and a ninja (it’s not the best example, but it’s because he hadn’t loose clothes), but all white clothes. The other one was taller, with shoulder-length blonde hair, and dressed with a white robe that covered all his body (even his feet).
When I reached the end of the aisle, my two guides were stood up just a step in front of me, at my sides. A moment later, in front of me, appeared a being, which had a higher vibration than my guides, and it was like a great master or teacher. He came from some meters in front of me, where the light of the room didn’t reach. All these things made all look as it was a ceremony where I was the honored. I didn’t know what was happening yet.
The master was taller than the two guides, and was wearing a different robe than the one who was wearing the guide on my right. This robe seemed to glow, the master himself irradiated light.
When he was in front of me, he stopped, extended his left arm and opened his hand. As if it was floating over his palm, there was a white flame. A moment later, he said: “Dian-el, I give you the White Flame, from now on you are a Carrier of the White Flame”; I extended the right hand expecting the flame went to my hand, but instead, it lit me, it lit my whole body. In a second I was covered by a white fire, and I felt as my whole being was being purified; I felt joy, protection and wisdom given by the flame. And then the master told me that since that moment I was a representative of the flame, which I had accepted to use responsibly when it was necessary.
After showing my gratitude, I turn around and walked to the temple’s door. When I went out, I went back to my body, and I was still feeling the white flame all over my body. Since that moment, instead of me having and being able to use the white flame, my own energy was the flame, which I had to learn how to use.
Even though I could do everything I did before with my energy, I felt that by using the white flame, I could do everything better, more efficiently, plus the new things I was able to do.
The first thing I had to learn was to control the flame and calm it, because at the beginning it wasn’t a like a single flame, but it looked like a bonfire, angry uncontrolled, with many tips (like a lot of small flames). It was very hard to make it calm as a candle flame, single, calm, peaceful and remain constantly like that.
This fire looks exactly like the fire we are used to see physically, but it’s white. At first I thought that it would be a better protection if it was like a bonfire than a candle. Until a day when I decided to calm it down.
It was a long time until the flame stood still, and in that moment I understood the protection the flame could give me in that way. In the same way that when you stare at a candle, when the flame is still, you can see a halo surrounding the flame (what I always thought that was an optical illusion), when I calmed my white flame, a light sphere of the same energy was formed around the flame, which gave me more protection and also enhanced the merkabah (vehicle of light).
Once I had the trust on the flame and I could keep It calm, I began breathing with the flame, absorbing the energy of the place surrounding me as I energize myself, as the oxygen feeds the flame of a candle. In that moment I felt one with the flame, I was the flame.
Since that time, I use the flame for everything I do with energy, knowing that once I controlled it, I could change its shape to different uses.


Experiences - Part 7 (English)

After participating in both harmonic convergences, I felt that I began remembering some new things that happened before I incarnated on this experience (before I was born this time). One of those shocked me. It involved Angelica (the woman who was with the five-pointed star in the first harmonic convergence); luckily, in order for me to believe what I was remembering, I received her confirmation about the same experience.
In that experience, I wasn’t with a human body, because I wasn’t incarnated on the Earth, but I was providing service to the Earth (with these memories I realized that the love I felt for The Earth, wasn’t just because I was born here). My body in that moment was made of pure white energy, I had a shape similar to a human body, but made of light. In my hands I had two light spheres all the time, about 30cms (1 foot) diameter. I was on the top of a mountain, within a mountain chain near to the Atlantis, where large energetic perturbations were being produced.
The mountain where I was standing, was a rocky one, with some bushes and some grass spots. At my right, in a higher mountain with snowed top, was Angelica, who’s body was similar to mine, all light. In that time she was my teacher.
The mountain chain, had a horseshoe shape.
We were placed near the left end of the horseshoe, which was the higher point of the mountain chain. The heights were decreasing to the other end. In the center of the horseshoe, there was a valley filled with trees with lilac flowers, that from our point of view seemed like a velvet cloth that covered the entire valley. At the right of Angelica there was another being who was her apprentice just like me. We were one of many groups that were working on the area of the Atlantis.
What we were doing was basically, containing an imminent energetic explosion, produced by a combination of the result of the application of the technology Atlantis’s people made and their own corrupted vibration.
If there weren’t all the groups doing that containment efforts, instead of just destroy the Atlantis and produce the sinking of that continent, it would be produced a rupture on the Earth crust, both on the physical and astral body, causing serious damage to the planet, without chances to recover, due to the energy the Earth would lose.
The area where we were, was constantly with electric storms produced by the same causes, and it made harder our task of the dispersion of the harming energy.
Of this experience I remembered a bit more each day after the harmonic convergences, and when I had the whole memory Angelica confirmed it, but from her point of view (from the higher mountain with the snowed top).

Experiences - Part 6 (English)

During spring of 2003 (in the southern hemisphere), exactly on the 8th of November of 2003, it took place the harmonic convergence. This event consisted on a particular alineation of the planets of the solar system, which formed a sort of David’s star with The Earth within. This produced an amplifying effect that affected or could be used with everything done in an energetic level. For that reason, there was a physical and spiritual coordination to enlight the planet, which meant a significant jump over (more than a simple step) the pace that was brought up to that point.
It was incredible the coordination, because even though I already knew this because of my astral projections, I received countless emails of different lists telling the people about it and encouraging the people all over the world (who could do it) to take their part in the Earth’s enlight.

Even though the 8th of November was the marked day, as the one of greatest amplification and benefit, since some days before that I began going out of the planet to send light with the ring of power. Since the first of these days I sent energy, I saw more people, humans and some other beings, doing the same (without the tool), and more than the usual count of ships surrounding The Earth, sending light as well. As the 8/11 came closer, more and more people and ships where gathering around the planet.
When the day arrived, I began harmonizing myself and filling me with light a bit more than usual.
A moment after being completely prepared I went out of the planet, but also went out of the timeline, just to be at the same moment with the rest of the souls who would do the same thing as me.
I took my position farther than usual. From that position, already with the ring of power, I could see the event that was about to begin. Around the Earth there were thousands of ships waiting the moment, and among the ships there were countless humans who were outside of the planet just about to send light. Farther from Earth, there were about 100 ships which were much larger than the others and some non-human beings just to do the same as us. These beings didn’t have tools as I did, but they had way more light and energy than the humans. Even a bit farther, at the same distance than me, there were 6 more beings, all humans, all surrounding the Earth at the same distance from the planet. Each seven of us, had a distinct tool. The ones I could see (there were two of them that I couldn’t see because they were just behind the Earth) were the David’s star at my right (from my point of view, surrounding the planet, it wasn’t at my side); the five-pointed star was at my left; a bit higher but at the opposite side of the planet (almost in front of me) was the Chalice; lower at right was the Lotus Flower; and the other two I couldn’t see, and I don’t remember what tools they were.
Just a bit farther, between the five-pointed star and me, there was a very big golden ship. It appeared the last, an in that moment I felt a known vibration, and a being telepathically greeted me from the ship, someone I’d worked with before. He had an important rank on that ship, and I remembered that he was my superior and teacher in other opportunity, and in this one, he was working on the coordination of the event. This being looked like the ones of the film “Close encounter of the third kind”, but a bit shorter, not so thin and with bigger head.
Once it was all set, this being gave me the order to begin. In that moment I activated the ring and began absorbing the energy that surrounded me (both physical and inter-dimensional planes) and focus it as light within me. A moment later, I started sending a light beam with the highest intensity I could. A short instant later, the other six humans who were with tools began doing the same, and they were followed by the rest of the beings and ships who where orbiting the Earth.
The amount of energy sent to the Earth in that event was amazing, and it saved some years of work in normal conditions.
One of the humans who were with the tools, the one who was with the five-pointed star was a woman who seemed familiar to me. A few days later, I was told that she was Angelica, my mother’s yoga teacher, who told my mother the event exactly the same as I had told her, but from her point of view. And she told my mother that she saw me inside "the atom".
A few weeks later, there was another harmonic convergence, which even though it wasn’t so powerful as the last one, it was of a considerable benefit to the planet.
In this opportunity I felt that I didn’t have to send energy from outside the Earth, but attract energy while I was on the Earth.
I prepared myself in the same way, and I knew that although there was a similar amount of people, I couldn’t see anyone due to my location.
I began attracting a beam of light of equal intensity as the one I sent last time, but this time, the beam came through me, and I transformed it to send it to the Earth. While the energy was passing through me, I was feeling an intense heat, and a huge energy. I also felt the Earth reaction closer, as I was more connected with the planet than the last time.
In this connection with the Earth, I began feeling a gray energy at first, a “dirty” energy, but as the seconds passed by, it was whiter and with a growing joy, peace and gratitude.
The intensity of the Earth’s light kept growing until it reached the same bright and “whiteness” of the light that was being sent, and in that moment it was like an explosion, and right after that everything was calmed. That calm that came after the light explosion was as a satisfaction, all light, quietness, and a feeling of “mission accomplished”.

Experiences - Part 5 (English)

One day in 1997 (I was 17), I felt the need to meet with my cousin Patricia. I still didn’t know what for, but I was sure that we had to meet. I spoke with her and gathered in her house the next Sunday morning.

Once we were together, neither of us knew why we were gathered, so we decided to do as usual and send energy to the planet. Just when we got out of our bodies and were about to go outside the planet, instead we stayed in her room because we saw and felt that there was something different there. An atmosphere of great peace, light and protection was created there, greater than we had ever felt. A few seconds later, we understood why we were together in that moment. In this marvelous atmosphere appeared a being who seemed to be of pure energy, without a fixed shape but clearly was formed with two different kinds of energy, one of them was mostly pink and the other mostly green, even though the two energies were all over the being, mixed and moving, you could see and feel the two of them with no problem. These energies also felt as female and male energies coexisting together. In that moment, this being introduced himself (it had no gender, or actually had both, but I don’t want to refer as ‘it’, so I’ll say ‘he’), he told what and who he was. He was a being of a higher dimension (I don’t remember which one, or either if he mentioned it). While ‘saying’ this, we felt his energy surrounding us, and felt the love as a father hugging his children. After this hug, he told us his name. His name sounded like two persons talking at the same time, two names with harmonic tones, with two different meanings, as if they were inter-dimensional ideograms. These names represented the two energies, the pink energy’s name ended with ‘el’ and sounded like the sweetest and more caring voice I’ve ever heard, like a celestial harmony, and the green energy’s name ended with ‘tón’ (the accent is to show that it was emphasized in this last syllable), and sounded as an imposing low vibration (I mean as low pitch, a low note) with an incredible strength. Only by saying his name, he was giving as a song, a symphony, lights, ideas, emotions, feelings, etc; with all these things that described who he was, how he was like, and what did he do.
This being told us that the reason of our encounter was that we had already completed a big part of the “contract” we had chosen before coming to The Earth, before we were born (not only my cousin and I, but all the kids who were in the blue planet with us).
It was mainly to achieve a first phase of the lighting of The Earth, just to give the planet the energy needed to begin reacting by herself, and with this also help the humanity to raise their vibration. That was the intended effect with the joint work of all the different groups of people as the one we were in the blue planet. Apart from that, each one of us had another particular mission or contract, which was also with great advance and if it was needed, could be finished by other people. After all this, he told us that with what we’ve done, we already could choose whether to leave the planet and this experience, or keep working with the Earth and our missions.
He told us that both choices were right, and we were given the opportunity to decide which path to take, and how to continue with our existences and evolutions.
The first choice, leaving the Earth, meant that automatically we would be in another plane of existence, another vibrational level, such as the one in the blue planet, and that we would continue working with new tasks, new assignments in that vibration. By being in that other place and vibration, we wouldn’t have to stand all the negative energy and density of the third dimension, neither everything that we suffer in The Earth, such as negativity, darkness, lies, hypocrisy, etc, instead we would be surrounded by harmony, peace, joy and love; and additionally we would remember all of our knowledge, that is veiled in this experience.
The second option, was to stay on Earth, keep working on the lighting of the planet, and also with our particular missions, and all the help we could provide as well. In order to do this, we should stay here on Earth all the necessary time or at least until the passage is made (passage or ascension), always standing and suffering the negative things of the third dimension on The Earth, and knowing that before the planet’s lighting is evident, we would feel just as the rest of the humanity, as if the darkness takes control, and even though it would be an illusion, we would suffer it as everyone else. The benefit of this choice was that in these conditions, our growth would be faster, both because of the constant effort and the vibrational help we could provide to the humanity "from the inside" in that period of time. And the final result for us, would be of a greater vibrational level than we would have with the first option, and after all these passed we could choose to go to a place or planet of greater vibration than any we could go in that moment, such as the violet planet we were shown by my other cousin (this level of vibration was higher than what we had in that moment so it was like as an investment we had to do).
In that moment, just thinking in the idea of going to a planet as the blue one, filled me of joy and impatience, but when I thought about The Earth as a living being and the love I felt for her, I had no doubts about what I would do. Without thinking much longer, I said that I wanted to help The Earth, and almost instantly Patricia answered the same, for what the being thanked us and told us that we would be rewarded.
Few seconds after that, this loving being went away and we went back into our bodies. What we felt like two or three hours encounter, really lasted a few minutes (in the third dimension time line). Patricia and I stayed with that peace, joy and safety sensations during all day long.
After this encounter, I saw that my energy changed, and when I took a look at myself, instead of seeing me with blue energy, I was covered with white light, and since that moment, everything I did, (send energy to The Earth, energize myself, etc), I did it with white light.

Experiences - Part 4 (English)

In 1996, when I was 16 years old, I had facial paralysis, produced by a virus. The funny (or scary) thing was that we knew that it was a virus because a man my mother knew in a physiotherapy course, told her that he knew a kid who had it, but it was after all the medical checks and diagnostics. After I went to see a group of neurologists, I’ve been taken a magnetic resonance where my pineal gland could be seen perfectly. The doctor look at the analysis results, and told my parents that there was a problem, because at my age, the pineal gland should be totally calcified, it was bigger than it should be, and that it could be the cause of my facial paralysis. Their solution was to operate (open my head) and remove the pineal gland. Luckily my parents refused to do it, and a couple of days after that, while I was still checking with other doctors, we found out that it could be a virus.

The rehabilitation was only with massage therapy (similar to kinesiology) and facial exercises (which made me feel like an idiot, trying to move every muscle of the face). During the sessions, I’ve been going out astrally to send energy to The Earth. One of those days, at the moment I got out of my body I saw a being next to therapist. I felt I knew him, as an old friend, and in other occasion he told me that he was my new guide. Due to the work I’ve done, my guide was changed, and it wasn’t anymore that blue-energy woman who helped and taught me a lot in those years, but he was human-like man, with short black hair and dressed like a buddhist but with white clothes.

In that time he told me that unlike many people may think, one person doesn’t have the same guide (also called guardian angel) during all their life. Depending on the evolution of the person and/or the choices and paths they take, the guide changes, to meet the needs of the person. For instance, when I was writing this document, I had the same guide I described, plus another one, also with human aspect.
Even though one person’s guides can change during his/her life, each person perfectly knows all those who are his guides, were his guides or could be someday, depending on the choices the person makes, and the needs that he/she has due to those choices. In other words, all of our guides and potential guides are our masters (teachers) and friends before, during and after being our guide.

Retaking at the moment I astrally went out and I found my guide awaiting me, he told me that it was time that I knew the different levels of the lower astral (I don’t know how to translate this, it could be the lower plans, the lower stages of evolution, the “dark ones”, the “dark forces”, I hope you understand). He also told me not to be afraid because he would be protecting me and nothing bad could happen to me, because what he would show me was in a controlled environment.

We went to a place where it was a cylindrical shaft of about 20m width. He took my hand and began going down through the center of the shaft. As we were descending, it all began getting darker and darker, but we could see without any problem (when you are seeing in your astral body, you don’t have the limitation of needing light to see). That dark, meant no other thing that lack of light, but being that “light” as high frequency energy (love). About 50m from the top, in the walls of the shaft there were some small caves, where we could see a lot of different beings. There were beings of a lot of different shapes, but generally they were something between human and animal. As we kept descending, the beings were increasingly frightening and brave. They seemed to be angry, mad.
Even lower, were there was no light at all, the caves had bars, and the beings were terribly more frightening and mad. Some of them seemed to be throwing fire, and others seemed to be covered with fire.
In that moment, my guide told me that they felt just as they looked, frightened, mad, suffering. Although it wasn’t much (only because I knew I was protected by my guide), the fear that I had, turned into pity and desires to make something to make them feel better. We kept descending a bit more, and then went up, back to the light I was missing so much.

Although I yet didn’t go back to the shaft again, some times I saw some beings like those.

After that trip to the shaft, I continued going out (astrally) and sending light to The Earth as always.


Experiences - Part 3 (English)

For some time, we continued sending energy in groups, with the ring or by our own, as we were gaining trust in ourselves and developing our capacities.

Until that moment, we had done all this with my cousin Patricia, and we met always each other outside The Earth before we go to the blue planet.
One day, when I got out of The Earth to met with Patricia and go to the blue planet, I see that Patricia was awaiting me next to other cousin of mine, Mariano. Patricia is the daughter of my mother’s sister, and Mariano is the son of my father’s sister. Mariano is two years older than me. Since I remember, he was always obsessed with the violet color, and even one time he dyed his hair of that color, it is usual to find him with some violet clothes.
When the three of us met outside The Earth, Mariano told us that day we wouldn’t go as usual to the blue planet, but he would take Patricia and me to his home planet, which as I could imagine, emitted a violet energy mixed with a white light.

Unlike the blue planet, this violet one, wasn’t an instruction or work planet, but it was a place to live. In this planet, all the time it was a sensation of peace, joy and love that filled every little spot of the planet.
Mariano took us to a place where there were houses and an avenue, that at simple sight seemed like some place in The Earth, but the houses were more spherical, they didn’t have sharp edges, it was all smooth, and they felt to be alive. All in that place breathed life, from the rocks to the air itself.

Even though in the planet there was a lot of green (plants, trees, etc), all the time we felt vibration of violet joy (it’s hard to describe it with words, but it’s the closest I found).
The sky was soft violet, getting dark to the horizon. The sun looked bigger than the one of the solar system, and with a shiny white light, but when you stared at it didn’t dazzle or hurt to your eyes.

Once he showed us some of the different places on the planet, Mariano took us to a square where there were many green trees, that seemed to bring calm with their shadow, and peace with their breathing; and a group of people who were playing music and dancing.

The people were thin and tall, with a pale skin and violet and white tight clothes. There were five men (male beings), who had some musical instruments which were circular with a sphere in the center and looked very smooth, and just by putting their hands on it, the instruments played music and lights of different colors. Those lights remained in the air as if they were holographic shapes, and the music was as an interpretation of the feelings and emotions of the musicians (when they put the hands on the instrument, they felt the music they wanted to express, and the instrument emitted the sounds and lights). This was more than ten years ago, and recently I’ve seen an episode of the Heroes series that shows something like it. This is the link to see a part of it, so you could imagine a bit better how it was:

There were also five women, who were dancing with this music, and their movements looked like classical dance, but floating among the lights. They seemed to be dancing with the music, with the lights.
When we left that planet, Mariano told us that in the future, this could be our home (when we reach the necessary vibration/evolution). There was no doubt that it was an incentive to keep us in the “right path”.

Experiences - Part 2 (English)

The first night after my first visit to the blue planet came, so I went to bed hoping that travel to repeat.
That night, my guide showed up to take me to the planet again, but this time it was to begin the instruction.

When we arrived the planet, I realized that Patricia and I where wearing some silver suits, similar to diving suits. The “blues” made us stand over a platform where we charged with the planet’s energy, which helped us on the training, and the suits began glowing with a blue light. The other kids that were on the planet, also were wearing those suits.
The kids who were already charged whit the planet’s energy, were gathered in groups of about 25 or 30 kids, sitting in circle with an instructor in the center. The instructors were of the same race of our guides (they were of blue energy).

On the planet there were a lot of blue people, and with several different vibrations (evolution). When more evolved they were, more wisdom they had and more close to white was their light.
The guides were the ones who had darker energy, the instructors’ energy was a bit whiter, and there were some other people with a light blue energy, almost white, that were teaching some particular knowledge, or teach something punctual to some of the kids.
From where we were, we could see about twelve groups of kids.

When we finished charging, we joined one of the groups, and when the circle was complete, the instruction began.

The first thing that they told us was that the situation on The Earth was very bad energetically, and if nothing was done about it, it would become worse day after day. In that moment, they showed us a hologram where we could see The Earth surrounded by a dark cloud. This cloud was the negative energy produced and attracted by humans, with all the bad things we’ve done for so long, such as wars, drugs, crimes, hate, envy, selfishness, etc.

After that, they told us although that situation was because of humanity, we shouldn’t focus on helping the civilization, but the planet itself. This was because the help and energy cleaning of the civilization was a task that belonged to other groups, other people who like us, had agreed to help the people and the planet in the ascension to the 5º dimension.

The work of those other groups complemented our work, because when we were helping the planet, The Earth could have a better and harmonic vibration, which finally affects the people who live on it. And in the other hand, the groups who were supposed to help the humanity, by doing this, they will lower or eliminate the energies that hurt the planet and start producing love energies that finally heals The Earth.

Then, in the hologram we saw some people surrounding The Earth and throwing light beams that began dissolving the dark cloud. With this image, the instructor said that those people would be us.
Once the cloud was dissolved, the hologram went bigger and enlarged a random area of The Earth, where we could see another group of people, who were helping in the physical cleaning of the planet after the energetic cleansing. They showed us, as if thousands of people (in that place, and a lot of other places around the world), were sweeping the wastes, but all in a metaphorical way, because this meant that once The Earth were energetically cleaned, the humanity would see all the corruptions, deceptions, hidden crimes, etc; and the humanity, with their mind cleared, would act to get rid of all the bad things that the governments and hidden controllers did for so much time.
This third group of people would be the ones who leave the planet ready for the ascension, with the physical cleaning and social structure reordered.
Once this was done, The Earth would be in peace and able to advance into the next evolution step, along with the humans that were in condition (vibration, loving heart), and so they wished this.

Some of the beings that were working in those groups, came from planets of grater vibration, and accepted to stand the lower vibration and born on The Earth, and help in the process of change.
Those beings would help a lot, because of their vibration, and that they don’t have to eliminate any kind of karma, and since the moment they born, they are already ready for their mission.

The instructors also warned us that we would find people who doesn’t want all this to happen, and they would try to keep us from complete our mission by creating fear in the humanity, with their power over mankind, in large scale (a country, region), or small scale (a single family, group of friends). This dark people, finally would be relocated in a planet accordingly to their vibration, because The Earth had already learned this stage’s lesson, and it disserved and wanted to keep growing. In this moment, we felt The Earth as a great being, with both male and female energy, but the female one was predominating, so we were encouraged to refer to The Earth as a “She”.
In the same way that some humans would advance along with The Earth, some of them would return to their home planets once the work is finished if they wanted so, and some of them could chose to go to a planet of greater vibration, due to their evolution advance in this experience.

Back to the training on the planet, the first thing that they taught us, was how to clean and energize ourselves, so we could “work” (do our mission of Earth cleaning) correctly. Even though each one of us would do it in a different and unique way, the process basically consisted in taking out the negative or dark energy, and fill with light or positive energy, in order to be balanced and able to do the planet cleaning in the best way possible.
One of the methods we were taught , was to create a dot of light in the chest, in the solar plexus, and make grow that dot into a sphere full of bright light, and keep doing this until the sphere is bigger than our body. Years after that, I knew that by doing this, you slowly activate your vehicle of light or Merkabah.
Once we are clean, if we let this light sphere active, it would act as a protection.

To do all the works with energy we did (to ourselves, or to the planet or other people), we used that blue light such as the one generated from the planet, and from time to time, white light.
Since that moment, when I took a look at myself, I saw myself with that blue energy (whether I was on that planet or not), being that energy what produced me a great peace, calm and relaxation.
Once energized, balanced and full of light, the next step was to illuminate the planet. We were taught many ways to do so, for instance, make the same process as we did to clean ourselves, but making grow the sphere bigger than The Earth; or bringing the energy as a receptor – transmitter (transforming the energy as we could take it, into an energy that The Earth could take); or just by sending light to the planet from the space, for which we needed to be astrally out of the planet.
This last one, it was the one that we practiced most (because we could gather cleaner energy from outside The Earth). We should take place outside the planet, far from the Earth’s contaminations (that sort of cloud seen before), we absorbed the energy of the surrounding space, the emitted by the sun, the stars, etc, everything had some energy we could use; we concentrate all that energy in a single beam, which could be assimilated by The Earth, using our astral body as the transmitter of that beam.

At the beginning we did this with the entire group along with the instructor, because we didn’t have enough control, capacity and practice, as to emit an energy that actually helps The Earth.
In this way, placed in a vertical circle, with the instructor in the center, we could concentrate a greater amount of energy, and the group work helped us to control better our energy and the energy transformation we needed to do. In the process, we also cleaned ourselves.

After many times of sending energy to The Earth like this, we were taught that we could use some tools that could help in cleaning, protecting, energizing us, and to transform, and enhance the energy we send. We were told that basically there were 7 groups of tools, but in that moment they would teach us to use only one of them, the so called “Ring of Power”.
This ring of power I used, is like a golden wedding ring, but with a cylindrical rod which pass through it diametrically (as a forbidden sign, but the rod in horizontal way). The size of this ring is such that one or more persons could be in it.
To activate it, you have to step in the middle (with the ring standing as a circular door), and put both hands on the rod. When both hands are put on the rod, the energy of the person grows greatly, and the ring begins rotating in all directions. It isn’t a movement that can be reproduced with a physical element, because the horizontal rod remains still, and the ring rotates over it’s 3 axes, giving the sensation that the person is inside a sphere. The most similar physical object I’ve seen is the gyroscope. Due to this movement and the visual effect that it produces, some people who had seen it, call it “The Atom” (I knew this several years later).
Once spinning, you can send a light beam as wide as the ring size or many times bigger, and with an incomparable intensity (way superior to what a single person could send with no help). The ring could also be used to attract energy, and irradiate it in a spherical way, among other uses. There are way too many utilities to write them all.

Apart from the Ring of Power, there are six other types of tools, as The Star (a five-pointed star), The David’s Star, The Chalice, The Lotus Flower, and a couple more that I don’t remember.

Experiences - Part 1. (English)

Before you begin reading this posts, I want to apologize for any mistake with the English language. I need you to try to feel and see the story behind the words, to receive the energy I put in this writing. This time I’ll need a small effort of your side, just because I’m not so confident as I’m when writing in Spanish.
The text you are about to read is what I consider my real life.
This is the first time I share this in a site. If you don't understand something please tell me and I'll try to explain a bit better.
It is a long text, but I didn't want to miss the main points of all these experiences.

During my whole life I did astral projections, both in conscious and unconscious way. I always did them during night, when no one was awake.
At the age of 14 (1994), one day when I went to sleep, I astrally got out of my body as I used to do some nights. The difference with this particular night was that there was a strange being awaiting me. This being seemed to be formed by a bright blue energy, a bit transparent, and it had a human female shape, but she was about 3 meters high (10 feets). This being was glowing as if she were made of blue light and just by seeing her I felt the life energy that she emitted and all the love she had to share.
At the moment I saw her, I immediately remembered and recognized her as a guide of mine, someone who I knew for a very long time. I don’t remember her name, but in that moment I didn’t need to ask.
What I’ll write about the conversations, it’s only the main idea, what the message was, and not literally, because in that state (non physical) we don’t communicate with simple words, but feelings, images and ideas.
The first concrete thing she told me was that it was time for me to begin my training. In that moment I knew what she was talking about, although I didn’t remember exactly what this training meant.
After that, she took my hand, we went off my house and keep going up until we were outside the planet. When we got into the space, we met with my cousin Patricia (she is a year younger than me) who was with her guide, who looked just as mine, but with male energy and shape, and a bit taller.
Even though I’d never made an astral projection with my cousin before, not even spoke of it, I wasn’t surprised when I saw her there.

Once the four of us were together, our guides took us to a planet, similar to Earth but with blue energy glowing from it.
In that moment, we realized that The Earth was a planet which still has its vibration closer to red frequency (lower than the other planet).
This planet was smaller than The Earth, but the great difference was that you could really feel the life of the planet, and at the moment of our arrival we felt a connection with it. The planet transmitted peace and love to everyone who was on it. Another difference was that everything looked more alive there, the colors were more intense, as if they had life, the water, even though it was colorless, it glowed with blue energy, and the sky had a color between dark blue and violet.
I saw plants, trees, stones but no animal on the planet.

As we were told in that place, that planet was an instruction and monitoring planet, the people who lived on it, were instructors or worked “monitoring and controlling”, who were looking over the people who were training on the planet, and most important, looking over people on other planets and those other planets, controlling the life sustain and energy flows. And in the place where we were, all the people were working with The Earth.

As we were arriving at the planet, we saw that there were a lot of different “blue energy” beings, with many kids who looked about our age. There were also human-like beings on that planet, dressed with a white tunic, made of a cloth which appeared to be thick, heavy and opaque; with an orange belt.

When I saw the planet and the people on it, I felt as I knew that place and that people and I said: I’m Back!!!. But I didn’t remember anything about the planet, just familiar feelings and sensations, almost as a deja vu.

Once on the planet, we looked around us, and there were kids running, flying, and others that were arriving with their guides, just like us.

Just by seeing those kids flying, a blue guide as if he knew what we were about to ask, told us that as nobody had told those kids there was any physical constraint that keep them from flying, and they saw others doing it, they didn’t need anything but their desire to fly. He also told us that we could do the same on Earth, but first we must forget the physical laws human taught us, and leave our fears and doubts about what would happen if we couldn’t fly behind; he meant, that we needed to forget what was wrongly learned, to be able to create a new reality. Just after he said that, Patricia and I began flying.

A few minutes after that, they told us that first visit would be just to know (or remember) the place and those beings, get aligned with the planet's energy and the instruction would begin on the next visit to the planet.

A moment later, my guide went towards a building, which looked as a rectangular cube with smooth borders, opaque white and with an orange fringe (just as the human-like people’s tunics). I went to see what was inside that building, and when I entered, some beings told me that it was like an operations base, from which they monitored The Earth and other places in the solar system and around. Inside the building there was a soft orange light, which seemed to relax your eyes and allow the people to see clearer.

In that building, there were some sort of computers, that seemed to be holographic keyboards, and some holographic screens that were only a few millimeters away from the wall. In one of them, there was an image of a comet which was near the solar system.
In other part of the building, there were three blue beings who were facing a wall. When I got closer, I could see that there was a fracture on the wall, and those three “blues” were with their arms extended, and from their palms, came out energy beams with which they were fixing the wall. In that moment, one of the human-like persons told me that those blue beings had the capacity of taking the environment energy and transform it to do a lot of things, fixing the walls among them.

When I left the building, I heard Patricia calling me and also shouting “Darciel”. That was her guide’s name. Instantly I began running in her direction, but when I realize, I was flying at an awesome speed. When I arrived, Darciel told me not to worry, because Patricia frightened when she was flying and thought that on The Earth she would fall down, so she fell, but she was alright. After that, I asked her why she had called me that way, and she didn’t know what I meant. When I told her that instead of calling me Daniel, she called me 'Dian el', she told me that she hadn’t realized that she said that she just called me. In that moment, her guide Darciel, told us that Dian el was my real name, it was Dian-El (as a first name-last name conjunction). And that Patricia deep inside knew that was my name.
About that name, my parents always told me that my brother (who is 3 years older than me) got very angry when I was named Daniel instead of the name he wanted to give me: Dianel. And my parents say that he was shouting: “I don’t want to call him Dianel, his name IS Dianel.” So with this later confirmation, I could say that my brother knew me before I was born, or at least he was told who I was.

When we returned to The Earth, I arrived home and get back into my body. By that moment, it was already daylight and my mother was entering my room to wake me up because I had to go to high school.
When I opened my eyes, I thought it all had been a dream, but next to my mother it was the blue being who had taken me to that planet, and just in that moment, I remembered all and realize that it really happened.

Once I was back from school, I phoned Patricia to tell her what I remembered about the night before, and as I was telling her, she was remembering the same. It was my second confirmation that all I lived that night had been real.
During all day I felt happier than ever in my entire life, and with an indescribable peace and joy, and I couldn’t wait the night to come, wanting my travel to repeat.
That night, my guide showed up to take me to the planet again, but this time it was to begin the instruction.